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Raffaele Giaffreda



Project Manager
Abdur Rahim Biswas



Technical Managers

Jorge Pereira Carlos


Klaus Moessner

(University of Surrey)

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iCore Consortium

With world class industries, research organisations and universities constituents, the iCore consortium, together with a carefully selected External Stakeholder Group (ESG), is capable of achieving the project’s objectives. All the partners are suited and committed to the tasks assigned to them. The partners are well‐balanced in their complementarities in expertise, business, networks as well as geographical representation (including Asia). This brings up a great opportunity to generate impact, exchange of knowledge and expertise in various domains, across countries and continents.The consortium has gathered a critical mass of industrial/commercial partners, both large companies’ leaders in IoT field and high technology SMEs. The size of the consortium is 20, several additional end‐users are involved through membership in the ESG, thus keeping the consortium’s size limited.

The consortium consists of 22 partners, among which are 12 industrial partners, of which 8 areleading ICT manufacturers, telecom operators, software vendors, system integrators, software service/end users and 5 SMEs. These industrial partners are complemented by 5 internationally recognized research centres and 4 universities, all with an established track record in their area of expertise.

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