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Raffaele Giaffreda



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Abdur Rahim Biswas



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Jorge Pereira Carlos


Klaus Moessner

(University of Surrey)

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Wuxi SensingNet Industrialization Research institute is the leading IoT organisation in China and leading the IoT international standardisation. The institute, coupled with 6 affiliated companies, carries out the industrialization for the research result. The total number of the whole group member is up to 1000 so far. Meanwhile, it is also the State Research Center for Sensor Network Engineering in China and the headquarter of the gSensing Chinah IoT Alliance consisting of over 300 related organizations. 

Our institute has undertaken dozens of IoT related R&D projects and gained much experience in the past several years. In the gR&D on middleware platform supporting multi]sensor network applicationsh project, we study a large number of application scenarios to extract the networking requirement, and these survey reports can be used in the WP1. From the projects gThe overall architecture of IOT and key technologies research and "Research on key technologies for sensor network" CIP (collaborative information processing)h, we developed the standard architecture of IOT system including reference architecture, service architecture and network architecture. Moreover, one part of the project involves the collaborative access control and authentication mechanisms in the distributed sensor networks. All of these results may contribute to the WP2. We designed some IoT systems in smart grid, healthcare, coal mine and oil and gas pipeline monitoring, and propose a few international and domestic standardisation proposals for sensor network and IoT. These experiences are fairly useful for the verification of iCore results and standardisation sharing in WP7.




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