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iCore wins the Best Exhibit Award at IoT360

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iCore won the Best Exhibit Award at IoT360 Summit. The event, aimed at fostering innovation in Europe in the context of Internet of Things (IoT), attracted a wide audience of well engaged participants, offering a rich combination of exhibits, innovation-oriented sessions and speakers with proven experience in the domain of turning research ideas into successful businesses.

The exhibit showcased solutions developed within the iCore project and demonstrated the high-impact potential of coupling the use of cognitive technologies and the Internet of Things. The stand demonstrated Urban Security, Smart business (logistics of perishable goods) and Smart tour in the city scenarios. It showed how flexible creation of services through VOs/CVOs reduces the time to market new services and how re-usability and self-management of objects leads to CAPEX/OPEX decrease, by limiting user intervention in their configuration, maintenance and adaptation to the changing operational requirements of the IoT applications that use them.

iCore Booth at IoT360


iCore IoT360 best exhibit award


Bell Labs Future X Days featuring iCore demonstrator

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The Bell Labs Future X Days (see are organized yearly around the globe by Bell Labs, Alcatel-Lucent, to show their latest research results and innovations to international customers, European and national public authorities and academia. At the 2014 edition, iCore partners Alcatel-Lucent, Thales and Arago showed the very first version of the fully integrated iCore Urban Security demonstrator. At least a hundred visitors, as a good sample of the highly attended event, watched one of the continuously repeated iCore demo sessions showing, by means of the concrete use case, the benefits an iCore service platform can bring with respect to highly improved situation awareness in critical human decision making, and the corresponding knowledge-driven, proactive and dynamic stream selection ensuring that available network capacity is at all times effectively used for an optimized user experience across an ad-hoc launched set of services on the platform.

iCore Team at BLFXdays

iCore team @ BLFX Days

iCore demo @ BLFX Days

iCore featured at RE-WORK Technology Summit - London

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RE-WORK Tech Summit iCore project results were presented recently at the RE-WORK Technology Summit in London 18-19 September 2014, a well attended event dedicated to discovering emerging technologies that will shape the future of business and society. In his invited talk, entitled Enabling a Cognitive Internet of Things, iCore Coordinator Raffaele Giaffreda introduced the project objectives and results briefly describing also some of the implemented trials. He also presented how the merge between cognitive computing and IoT is currently perceived, what advantages and disadvantages it brings, how it will impact our society if we address the current gaps to adoption. The session was concluded by a panel entitled "IoT - Sharing to Create a Disruptive Platform" moderated by Craig Hollingworth co-founder of Concirrus (a platform that facilitates adoption of IoT for businesses) and including, besides Raffaele Giaffreda also Tom Evans, founder of Bleepbleeps (a startup leveraging on connected devices for easy parenting), and Giles Price, COO of CHS Engineering Services (asset management company). More info available also from the RE-WORK Technology Summit website.


Raffaele Giaffreda speaking at RE-WORK Tech Summit London


IoT Panel at RE-WORK Tech Summit

iCore case studies dissemination at major European events

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As part of the project results dissemination activities, iCore was present with a stand during two main European events, the IoT Week in London and the EUCNC conference in Bologna. The results showcased at the stands were directly derived from the case studies developed as prototype demos and trials and involved UPRC, CREATE-NET, Thales, Siemens, University of Surrey, ZIGPOS and InnoTec21. These results have been produced to validate the applicability of iCore main concepts in a diversified set of application scenarios spanning from smart home and assisted living to smart meeting, from urban security to smart transportation in a city, from smart asset management in the context of hospitals to smart business and logistics. The booth also featured a demo integrating functionality developed within two projects iCore and BUTLER (see iot_week_icore_butler_demo_UPRC.pdf).