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Bell Labs Future X Days featuring iCore demonstrator

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The Bell Labs Future X Days (see are organized yearly around the globe by Bell Labs, Alcatel-Lucent, to show their latest research results and innovations to international customers, European and national public authorities and academia. At the 2014 edition, iCore partners Alcatel-Lucent, Thales and Arago showed the very first version of the fully integrated iCore Urban Security demonstrator. At least a hundred visitors, as a good sample of the highly attended event, watched one of the continuously repeated iCore demo sessions showing, by means of the concrete use case, the benefits an iCore service platform can bring with respect to highly improved situation awareness in critical human decision making, and the corresponding knowledge-driven, proactive and dynamic stream selection ensuring that available network capacity is at all times effectively used for an optimized user experience across an ad-hoc launched set of services on the platform.

iCore Team at BLFXdays

iCore team @ BLFX Days

iCore demo @ BLFX Days

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